Due to the change in Leadership with the Los Coyotes tribe and the new leadership wanting a Casino in Barstow CA.

This opportunity to help the military and bring much needed resources to a struggling native community has been lost as we have been forced off the land and this site is now closed. Good luck to the new leadership with the attempt of a Casino 161 miles from your reservation and in doing business with a known "Tribal Shopping" Detroit Casino group.


Eagle Rock Training Center


ERTC is the premier Federal, State, and Local training center in the United States.  Strategically positioned in Southern California, it is located near a tremendous number of military, law enforcement, fire safety, and Homeland Security agencies. These organizations have an existing requirement for premier training and training facilities that have not been met by the government, or the business community.  ERTC has been specifically tailored to provide a secure training environment for the fully funded, and under serviced military and local agencies of San Diego County, California, and the United States government. ERTC specializes in security and first responder training at the tactical, operational, and strategic level of counter-terrorism and law enforcement, all-hazard requirements, as well in support of the Global War On Terror (GWOT). ERTC is a one-stop solution for all mission essential tasks for those Military, Law Enforcement, U.S. and Foreign Friendly Government who actively seek a secure “Center of Excellence” training facility and training courses.

Site of The Military Channel's, Special Ops Mission & The Discovery Channel's, One Shot - One Kill.