Due to the change in Leadership with the Los Coyotes tribe and the new leadership wanting a Casino in Barstow CA.

This opportunity to help the military and bring much needed resources to a struggling native community has been lost as we have been forced off the land and this site is now closed. Good luck to the new leadership with the attempt of a Casino 161 miles from your reservation and in doing business with a known "Tribal Shopping" Detroit Casino group.


About ERTC


ERTC offers a comprehensive “one-stop shop” of courses and facilities that is unmatched in scope in the United States.  Part of ERTC’s uniqueness is the sheer size of the facility and its terrain, and the advantages these characteristics present.  Most military bases are limited in live-ammunition training missions because of the risk of harm to other base personnel and/or private citizens in surrounding areas. ERTC has the space and topography to perform and exceed these mission critical training requirements fully and safely in replication of real-combat situations.

ERTC has prepared a full range of essential training courses for application at the site.  It has incorporated into its structure a series of training courses that have successfully provided specialized training to military, law-enforcement and security organizations, and it has on its staff former military and law enforcement specialist’s expert in the training of their specialties. 

ERTC’s site location is in California, 69 miles northeast of San Diego on nearly 25,000 acres.  Its location is designed to support the west coast military establishments in Southern California, all of which have specialized training requirements for operational readiness prior to deployment to combat areas and a lack of training facilities and specialized instructor cadre at their bases.