Due to the change in Leadership with the Los Coyotes tribe and the new leadership wanting a Casino in Barstow CA.

This opportunity to help the military and bring much needed resources to a struggling native community has been lost as we have been forced off the land and this site is now closed. Good luck to the new leadership with the attempt of a Casino 161 miles from your reservation and in doing business with a known "Tribal Shopping" Detroit Casino group.


Training Courses


Military, Law Enforcement, Government and International Training Courses

  •  Mobile Force Protection Training
  •  Advanced Carbine Operator
  •  Advanced Tactical Pistol
  •  Foreign Weapons Familiarization Training
  •  Close Quarters Combat Training for High-Risk Environments
  •  High-Risk Environment Concealed Pistol Course
  •  Crew Served Weapons Training
  •  Sniper/Counter Sniper Training
  •  Evasive / Defensive Vehicle Dynamics Driving
  •  SUV, Pick-up Evasive/Defensive Driving Off Road Course
  •  ATV Training for Austere and High-Threat Environment
  •  Off-road training for Austere and High-Risk Environments
  •  GPS, Land Navigation, Map and Compass Training
  •  Military Operations in Urban Terrain Training (MOUT)
  •  Advanced Personal Security Detail Training


NOTE: ERTC does not offer civilian courses. Proof of service for the above will be required prior to the start of all training courses.
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