Due to the change in Leadership with the Los Coyotes tribe and the new leadership wanting a Casino in Barstow CA.

This opportunity to help the military and bring much needed resources to a struggling native community has been lost as we have been forced off the land and this site is now closed. Good luck to the new leadership with the attempt of a Casino 161 miles from your reservation and in doing business with a known "Tribal Shopping" Detroit Casino group.


Training Facility


ERTC’s training area closely replicates the terrain found in Afghanistan with elevations in excess of 6,000 ft above sea-level. This provides great training diversity opportunities. The site supports high-desert training with 40 miles of established off-road training areas, as well as unimproved, decomposed granite and sand surfaces which allows for day and night time operations, for both technical and tactical driver training.


Unlike other government and military training areas, all of ERTC's firearms, tactical and driver training areas are self-contained within the twenty-five thousand acre site. The training site allows for unprecedented 360 degree live-fire and scenario-based training, mounted and dismounted convoy and crew-served weapons ranges as well sniper/counter sniper ranges with varying angles and distances in excess of 2,500 meters.


ERTC has a number of small arms and flat ranges with distances up to 300 yards, 360 degree firing ranges and high angle live-fire ranges with distances up to 500 yards.


There are also multiple training areas and structures that resemble villages in Afghanistan to include a live-fire mock-up of a terrorist training camp. These structures are located on the facility and can be used for Simunitions, live-fire and scenario-based training events.


ERTC encourages combined Air / Ground operational training and has a number of established Helicopter Landing Zones and ranges that support firing from in-flight helicopter platforms.

ERTC's twenty-five thousand acres of training area can be leased in whole for large scale training or in sections, and can support up to 2,500 personnel.


ERTC can support training exercises of virtually any size or complexity.


ERTC is a full spectrum training environment for:

 •  Force-on-Force
 •  Small and large unit tactics
 •  Combined Air/Ground mission planning (ISOFAC)
 •  Military Convoy (with or without towing aparatisuses)
 •  Tech Training
 •  Motorcade Operations
 •  Personal Security Detail Training
 •  Air Delivery and Assault
 •  HALO/Static line
 •  UAV / WASP
 •  Sniper/Counter Sniper/Observer
 •  Tactical Leadership Course Ready
 •  Patrolling
 •  Tactical Medicine
 •  EOD/IED/Breaching
 •  K9 Tracking and Narcotics
 •  Small and Large scale Raids and Assaults